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Coala Interior Film helps customer develop new revenue streams

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Essex based interior graphics producer MM Wall Graphics used Coala Interior Film for its client Highfield Park Hotel which was so impressed it commissioned its further use throughout the hotel.

Among other areas included in the interior updates were the hotel’s reception desk and lighting gantry, the residents’ lounge and ladies’ washroom. These areas, which were tired and in need of renovation, have been given a new lease of life by the wrapping fixtures and fittings in Coala Interior Film, without the upheaval associated with costly refurbishments.

Because MM Wall Graphics was able to wrap the reception desk in situ in two days, the reception area could continue to operate with no downtime necessary.

Electing to update existing fixtures and fittings in the hotel instead of replacing them brings numerous benefits:

Limited or no requirement to close guest areas or rooms whilst renovating.

Because existing fixtures and fittings are used rather than replaced, the environmental impact of updating the hotel is significantly reduced.

Cost to wrap is significantly less than cost to replace; for example, the cost to update the ladies’ washroom using Coala Interior Film was approximately 70% cheaper than a quotation to renovate using traditional methods.

Managing director at MM Wall Graphics, Derek Evans, commented: ‘The quality of finish of Coala Interior Film combined with the significant reduction in costs and environmental impact compared with conventional refurbishment means Highfield Park Hotel has been able to embark on a much wider scale interiors revamp than they had thought possible. The 10 year warranty also means further updates shouldn’t be necessary for an extensive period of time.

‘Following our work with the hotel, we have received further commissions and are also now offering a similar service to domestic customers. Coala Interior Film is a great product that is really helping to transform our business.’

Product manager for visual communications at Antalis, Mike Collins, commented: ‘We are continuously exploring and working with our suppliers to develop new substrates to add to our Visual Communications portfolio, and it is really encouraging to see a product yield results in this way for customers.’

The Coala Interior Film range offers 470 different finishes across nine collections: wood, leather, marble, stone, metallic, glitter, solid colours, fabric and soft touch. It is easy to apply, waterproof, odourless, easy to clean and hard wearing, with a 10 year warranty.


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