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Cocoon Offset 100% recycled paper exclusive to Antalis

Paper Solutions

Antalis has announced an exclusive distribution agreement for Cocoon Offset 100% recycled papers.

The Cocoon Offset range offers FSC certified, premium quality 100% recycled papers with exceptional whiteness (CIE 150). The brand offers an ultra smooth, even surface and gives excellent printability with vibrant colours and good opacity. The range is suitable for digital printing and is compatible with dry toner digital presses.

Cocoon Offset is rated 5 stars on the Antalis Green Star System, which ranks Antalis’ products based upon their environmental credentials. For carbon neutrality, the company offers the option to carbon offset all its products through one of two flexible carbon offsetting schemes.

Ben Cahill, product manager, said: ‘For those wanting to take care of the environment without compromising the printing result, Cocoon Offset offers a top quality 100% recycled option. It is now exclusively available from Antalis, giving the benefits of sourcing from a reliable supplier with comprehensive environmental knowledge. The Cocoon Offset range answers the needs for all sustainable corporate print requirements from brochures and leaflets to annual reports.’


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