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Color-Logic adds 644 new metallic colours

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ColoColor-Logic has added 644 new colours to its metallic colour system. The new colours bring the total Color-Logic colours to 924, of which 55 are golds. A key element of the gamut expansion is the inclusion of the blues, greens, violets, and browns so popular with brands today. All 924 metallic colours can be printed using only five inks or toners: silver ink or toner with CMYK on conventional substrates, or white ink or toner and CMYK on silver based metallic substrates.

Because graphic designers prefer to work with proven colours, Color-Logic provides licensed printers, at no extra cost, files with which they can produce their own swatch books. Providing these swatch books to graphic designers, agencies, brands, and corporate marketers lets them see and select any of the 924 metallic colours that can be produced without trial or error.

Discussing the new colours, director of sales and marketing, Mark Geeves, said: ‘Together with Color-Logic embellishments, our 924 metallic colours provide graphic designers with unlimited ways to differentiate their clients in print. Already, Color-Logic licensed printers provide brands with economical, quick turnaround work, and these new metallic colours only broaden the possibilities.’


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