Color-Logic simplifies metallic variable data printing

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Digital printing is rapidly gaining market share around the world – often because digital presses can easily print variable data. And now, with Color-Logic, the variable data benefits of the latest presses are available when printing with white ink or toner on a metallic stock.

Color-Logic director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves said, ‘Working with white ink or toner on a metallic substrate requires that the graphic designer or pre-press operator prepare a white ink mask as part of the digital file set. With digital variable data printing, each page requires a unique white ink mask. Except with Color-Logic! The proprietary software automatically creates each different white ink mask, eliminating the extra labour, and making the labour cost of variable data printing on metallic substrate no more expensive than on conventional substrate.’

Mark continued, ‘When used to prepare files for printing variable data jobs on digital presses, Color-Logic is a real game changer. Metallic variable data printing on presses with white ink/toner and a RIP that supports the Color-Logic file format opens up an entirely new value proposition for licensed printers and their clients. To assist current technology partners and dealers, we recently developed a video showing how it quickly and easily metallic variable data files can be prepared using Adobe Illustrator and the Color-Logic design suite palettes. We make available the artwork and sample data sets so licensees can produce the files themselves to show their clients.’

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