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Color-Logic unveils Text-FX

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Color-Logic has announced the launch of Text-FX, a groundbreaking addition to its product suite. A stylised Illustrator palette that includes 20 extraordinary text effects, Text-FX is specifically designed for creatives and graphic designers, enabling them to dramatically change the way text can be used in various design projects, including signage, posters, and greeting cards.


Announcing the Text-FX introduction, director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves, said: ‘With Text-FX, Color-Logic continues a tradition of providing innovative tools that enable designers to push the boundaries of creativity. The easy to use Text-FX interface ensures that even those new to design can create stunning professional level text effects.’


Key features of Color-Logic Text-FX:

  • Fully editable text styles: Text-FX provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing designers to modify colour, size, font, and the applied Illustrator FX styles.

  • Colour customisation: With the integrated Color-Logic palettes, changing colours to suit design needs is a breeze.

  • Enhanced creative control: The tool offers the ability to edit, add, or remove the applied Illustrator FX styles effortlessly.

  • Font versatility: Switching fonts to create diverse and beautiful designs takes only seconds.

  • Compatibility: Text-FX is designed to be compatible with Color-Logic Pattern-FX, Gold, and Pro Palettes, ensuring seamless integration into existing design workflows.


Color-Logic Text-FX is available for purchase by licensed users. 



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