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Colour coded office print with the Image range

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With a myriad of paper ream designs and descriptions, it is often easy to be confused about which paper is most suitable for office printing. With its distinctive colour coded reams, the Image Paper range, makes choosing a paper easy – whatever the application.


Many businesses have various printing devices on site, which require a variety of paper grades to meet the demands of different applications and communications. Not choosing the optimum paper for the job can lead to unsatisfactory print results or even using a premium product when a more cost effective option would have been the better choice.


This is where the colour coding wrappers for the Image range of papers from Antalis comes into its own. Each product comes in a distinctive and bold coloured wrapper. This innovative packaging makes it easy to select the right paper for any print job – no more guesswork, no more time wasted, and no need for time consuming and wasteful reprinting. 


Image paper is a comprehensive brand that caters for every office printing requirement, from basic mono tasks like printing emails for reference to more complex needs like creating full colour marketing documents. For sustainability queries Antalis’ Green Star rating system, indicated on the wrappers, also helps users to easily assess each product's environmental credentials.


The range offers a variety of papers, each designed for specific printing needs. Image Digicolor (purple wrapper) is a flagship product for high quality full colour digital printing, Image Impact Plus (orange wrapper) is a complementary product for office colour digital printing, presentations and other high impact documents, and Image Impact (pink wrapper) is the third product designed for digital colour printing applications, striking a balance between performance and value.


Image Business (blue wrapper) is a great paper for everyday in-house printing and copying, and Image Recycled Bright White (white wrapper) is a 100% recycled sheet with an impressive level of whiteness.


Image Volume (grey wrapper) is a cost effective paper ideal for everyday in-house copying, printing, and high volume print runs. For tinted paper, Image Coloraction (see through wrapper) comes in a wide variety of shades, all easily visible through the clear ream wrapper.


Product manager Paul Savill commented, ‘Simplifying stationery selection with Image brand papers could not be easier and removes the frustration of reprinting or wasting premium product – Image helps the user to make the right paper choice, first time, every time.’



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