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Colpac widens its Stagione range

Packaging Solutions

Colpac has extended its flagship Stagione range. The extension was in response to industry calls for innovative and flexible packaging that spans the whole food to go marketplace, from frozen, chilled and hot foods, to delivered and eat now offers.

Due to extensive demand from retailers and food service operators for Stagione, Colpac has doubled the range – from three to six packs. New additions include a 650 ml size, and two smaller sized packs (150 ml and 250 ml) to meet demand for individual portions such as proteins, desserts, and snacking.

Reflecting Colpac’s ongoing commitment to sustainable food packaging solutions, the recyclable Stagione range is manufactured from mixed FSC accredited board, meeting the coating levels for CPI and OPRL’s recyclability thresholds, and is future proof for 2023 and beyond. Bespoke and compostable options are also available.

Designed to work across a wide variety of markets, the Stagione trays are certified for use in the freezer and chilled food cabinets, as well as being suitable to meet the complex needs of hot hold cabinets and microwaves. Its high barrier coating provides security, and the lids give a safe closure whilst providing ventilation to let out condensation but maintain heat. The larger sizes, including the new 650 ml, have a tight fitting ‘one size fits all’ lid, in three material options – kraft PP lined paperboard, plug fit anti-mist rPET, and PP.

The 150 ml and 250 ml trays are PP lined like their larger counterparts, with an rPET lid which fits both.

Each pack is highly versatile, providing a simple solution for kitchens or factories with a wide menu. Also certified for freezer use, Stagione is being used for icecreams and frozen ready meals. Its ability to be frozen and then microwaved is perfect for pre-prep in a busy kitchen, especially when teamed with heat seal films secured with one of Colpac’s heat seal machines.

The kraft artisan look and feel of Stagione creates a strong on shelf impact, and maximum product visibility can be achieved using the PP and rPET lids.

Each pack delivers optimal merchandising with an uninterrupted print face for branding or tamper proof labelling. Due to its rectangular round edged design, 13% more Stagione packs can be stacked on a shelf compared to its bowl shaped counterparts. The rigid construction ® also means it can stack safely. The same features enable it to work well in a kitchen: being easy to fill, stable, nestable and space efficient.

Kate Berry, Colpac’s head of marketing and product, said: ‘Every part of the supply chain has been considered in the specification of Stagione range. As a result, it is a highly sought after, accessible to a wide range of sectors, and the new pack additions deepen our market penetration as we are able to meet an even greater level of demand and filling variations.’


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