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Contact Originators installs Catena equipment

Packaging Solutions

Contact Originators is continuing to invest at its new Manchester site, with the installation of Xsys ThermoFlexx Catena flexographic plate washing and drying/light finishing technology.

CEO Steve Mulcahy said, ‘The Catena equipment is a perfect fit for our state of the art facility, enabling semi-automated plate washing, drying/light finishing, maximising throughput, minimising errors and ensuring the highest quality plates.’

The Catena W-80 is designed for maximum productivity, with a shorter plate sequence, automated plate alignment control and automatic pin bar transportation.

The Catena DL has six dryer sections, with individually controlled temperature and ventilation.

Steve continued, ‘I am thrilled that we have been able to extend our long standing relationship with Xsys and look forward to demonstrating how this has strengthened our quality and service even further.’


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