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Contact Originators installs Esko platemaking at new super site

Pre-press Solutions

Contact Originators has revealed first details of the flexo platemaking equipment installed at its new Manchester super site.

The graphics origination and flexographic plate manufacturer has invested in a second Esko CDI Crystal XPS imager and exposure solution that will enable another completely in line flexo platemaking workflow at the facility.

Having moved from its original Bredbury site in March 2021, Contact Originators is now located at a new 32,500 square foot super site in Dukinfield, Manchester.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO of Contact Originators Group, said: ‘We believe we now have the best equipped site in Europe to meet the needs of the pre-press market today and tomorrow. Our equipment configuration is uniquely designed to support the creation of a fully streamlined and automated site for truly flexible flexo prepress processing.

‘This latest investment in Esko is helping us change the game in flexo plate production, providing a highly efficient, sustainable facility that is delivering excellence to customers and stakeholders. The in line set up delivers efficient, highly productive operations and brings supreme quality, flexibility and fast turnaround to plate manufacturing. Importantly, all our plates now incorporate flat top dots, bevelled edges and printed shims, as a result of our digital shim printing technology, PrintHQ.’

The CDI Crystal offers efficiency and quality gains by reducing manual steps and operator intervention, as well as reducing errors by 50%, meaning less plate waste. With UV main and back exposure, the XPS Crystal uses LEDs which require no warm up time and emit even light to ensure consistent plate quality.

Steve concluded, ‘With this Esko platemaking technology, speed will not come at the sacrifice of quality. We will be more agile and able to produce superior quality plates at the pace demanded by the market, while reducing waste and downtime. We are changing the future of platemaking in Europe by providing an industry leading experience for our customers.’


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