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Contact Originators reaches zero waste to landfill landmark

Packaging Solutions

Contact Originators has now reached ‘zero waste to landfill’ status.

Partnering with waste recovery specialist B&M Waste Services, Contact now sends 100% of its site waste to be either reused, recycled or recovered at a dedicated ‘waste to energy’ plant, supporting the company’s drive towards circular and sustainable waste pathways.

The announcement marks the next important step on the company’s long term sustainability journey, as it aims to be the most ecologically sound business of its kind in the reprographics sector and support its print and packaging customers in new ways.

Jo Grundy, quality and systems manager, commented: ‘We are thrilled to announce that we have reached zero waste to landfill in our operations – this is an enormous step for our team at Contact! With the support of leading business waste specialist B&M, we have fundamentally changed how we do business. Our class leading service and product range remains, but now our corrugated and flexible packaging customers can also rest assured that all our waste is managed responsibly and that our work contributes to a cleaner supply chain. A siloed approach to print and packaging sustainability simply doesn’t work. It is about the bigger picture and seeing the supply chain as a connected whole, which of course includes pre-press.

‘Reaching zero waste to landfill has an enormous impact on our carbon footprint, but we know that our journey is not over. Contact Originators is a business that is unafraid to lead and is never satisfied with ‘average’ – just ask our customers! Targeting carbon neutrality is one thing, but we are aiming for carbon negative as our end goal.’

Rebecca McKew, account manager at B&M Waste Services, added: ‘We are delighted to be working with Contact Originators to help in its journey to becoming carbon negative. We look forward to finding further ways to improve its waste management in the future to help it achieve its goal.’

Contact Originators, which today supplies origination services and high performance flexo plates to the corrugated and flexible packaging sectors, has previously affirmed its commitment to ethical packaging reprographics by signing up to UN Global Compact.

Jo added, ‘In all aspects, we are putting supply chain sustainability at the heart of our business. Solid UN Global Compact principles guide our activities and development, and it’s a great demonstration of who Contact is as a business.

‘We can, and do, provide class leading service to our printer customers, but it is about going above and beyond. As a business, we are responsible, resource efficient and ethically sound. Achieving zero waste to landfill is just the latest evidence of this as we continue to evolve.’


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