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Discover the new Curious Collection from Antalis

Since 1994, the Curious collection has been renowned for its innovative, tactile and visual papers and boards. Antalis is proud to present the rejuvenated Curious range, showcasing innovative and tactile finishes. With the support of Arjowiggins' technical experts, the company has ensured that the Curious brand continues to deliver quality and excellence.

One of the highlights of the Curious collection is the reintroduction of iconic colours to the Curious Metallics range. Antalis is proud to have perfectly matched Curious Metallics' shades and maintain their visual and tactile effects. Featuring subtle shimmer effects, these papers are available in a variety of shades, from Ice Silver to Super Gold. With weights ranging from 120 to 300 g/m2, this refreshed range offers an exclusive and tactile experience like no other.

Other standout features of the portfolio include the multisensorial finishes of Curious Skin and Curious Matter. Curious Skin retains its velvety touch, while Curious Matter offers its unique sand like texture. With continued manufacture at the original mill, these two refreshed ranges include neutral and vivid colours, each offering a matt effect and tactile finish to deliver the most daring print and packaging projects.

Curious Translucents offers a visual and environmental alternative to petrochemical based plastics. These papers are not only visually stunning but are also ISEGA approved, making them ideal for food packaging. Available in Clear or Bright White shades and in weights ranging from 80 to 320 g/m2, Curious Translucents is a luxurious and intriguing choice for projects.

Sales manager for Creative Papers at Antalis, Vicky Weatherington, commented: ‘The refreshed Curious range is a testament to Antalis' commitment to providing innovative and high quality paper and board solutions. Whether you are looking for metallic shimmer, tactile finishes or environmentally friendly options, the Curious collection has you covered, with all Curious papers carbon balanced as standard via World Land Trust.’


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