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Dantex Group takes plate processing to a new level

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The Dantex Group has announced the launch of Marathon, a new plate processor, specifically aimed at the growing demands of the metal decoration market.

In addition to being easy to use and maintain, faster and more practical, Marathon will bring higher productivity and new sustainable standards to the industry within a technology package never seen before. Customers can benefit from its eco friendly design and a host of impressive features ranging from ultra high speed washout, automatic essential maintenance and Industry 4 standard compatibility. This new technology is ready to meet the increasing requirements of the can dècor sector.

Marathon is available in two size configurations, offering optimum plate throughput and a combination of unprecedented efficiency, quality and high speed processing. Marathon 1000M and 600M, 900 x 1200 mm and 580 x 1200 mm respectively, have been specifically developed to work with new plate technology, while still allowing standard Torelief steel back plates to be processed.

‘The environmentally friendly design, increased productivity and enhanced features, makes our new Marathon processors a true leap forward in plate processing technology, and we are very excited to launch them to the industry,’ said Dantex Group’s CEO Ben Danon. ‘Processor technology has stood still for over 20 years, until now. This is not just another processor, this is Dantex leading through innovation.’


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