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Data Mail Solutions installs with two new Canon solutions

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Data Mail Solutions Ltd (DMS) will be the first UK company to install the new Canon varioPrint iX3200 in November this year. The company has also installed a Canon varioPrint i300 to support data driven direct mail and transactional daily mail streams. DMS is partnering with Canon for the first time due to the need for increased reliability and to cover a combination of transactional, direct mail and high quality coated commercial applications.

DMS is a print and mailing company based in Crawley, West Sussex, focusing on several markets including utility, retail and financial sectors. Its varied customer base and its wide range of requirements led the team to consolidate production across the two new Canon machines, as well as an extensive range of web fed and sheetfed offset litho equipment.

Over the last few years, DMS has also seen significant growth in mailing services. In particular, the company has seen a boom in ‘just in time mailing’ and is processing an ever increasing number of daily records for its clients. As a result, it needed a solution that could provide high quality, productivity and cost efficiency, whilst also allowing the flexibility to work across several markets. Following on from close consultations with Canon, DMS opted to purchase the new varioPrint iX3200.

When exploring the capabilities of the varioPrint iX3200, DMS was impressed by its ability to print on a vast range of media from 60 to 350 g/m2 offset uncoated, matt coated, silk and gloss without a reduction in productivity. With this new solution, DMS will be able to supply the growing number of marketing agencies that are looking to print onto non standard stock sizes ensuring it can truly support agencies’ creative ambitions with a rapid time to market.

Simon Smode, managing director, Data Mail Solutions, said: ‘By installing both machines, we will benefit from their individual strengths. These new devices fit perfectly with the wide range of applications we run at DMS. I am very excited about what the iX3200 will bring to the business, from its exceptional quality, to the flexibility of migrating small and medium litho print runs. We are also very impressed by the environmental credentials of both Canon devices.

‘We were thrilled to discover the capabilities of the Canon VarioPrint iX3200 which will provide the quality we need to stand out in the marketplace. Many of our customers now expect print of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Our new devices will ensure we give our customers greater customisation and scope for creativity to achieve their goals.’


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