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DataLase expands technical services team

Industrial Solutions

DataLase has expanded its technical services team with the appointed Davind Cantiah as a laser application engineer.

Davind brings four years laser manufacturing experience to the role, mainly in the building of CW (Continuous Wavelength) and DPSS (Diode Pump Solid State) lasers. His previous work involved optical alignment, working with single frequency lasers and pulse laser systems, laser safety and experience of both laboratory and manufacturing environments.

In his new role, he will be involved in upgrading and building DataLase’s laser systems and ensuring all laser safety procedures are adhered to throughout the business. He will be testing and building prototype parts to assist with the laser imaging process, as well as preparing the demonstration room for client visits. He will also provide a point of contact for technical enquires, including test imaging and printing capabilities and quality on samples from customers and report back on results.

‘What attracted me to DataLase was the increased customer interaction compared to previous roles,’ said Davind. ‘I am also looking forward to working with CO2 and fibre lasers and having increased exposure to different laser systems. Being able to learn about colour change technology and how lasers are used in this field will certainly be an experience, as will conducting demonstrations for customers.’


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