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DataLase set to maintain impetus in 2021

Packaging Solutions

Like many others businesses, DataLase has been proactive in its approach since the start of the pandemic. Driven by urgency, the company has embraced agile methods, prioritised strategic initiatives and pushed ahead with new product development, all aimed at maintaining its competitive advantage. And despite the commercial challenges presented by the global health crisis, the company is set to capitalise on their many achievements from last year in 2021.

From the outset, DataLase responded quickly to the implications of the pandemic by helping brands, manufacturers and logistics businesses keep pace with the uplift in intensity with its case coding solution – the use of laser to provide a fast and highly efficient method of applying variable information, such as barcodes, date and lot codes, QR codes, graphics and sequential batch numbers, onto corrugated boxes and shelf ready packaging. The technology not only enabled hard pressed supply chains to be responsive and flexible to consumer demand, it also helped develop safer workplaces by reducing interactions among workers.

In the midst of lockdown and strictly following appropriate guidelines, the company announced a new distribution agreement with Macsa ID, a leading manufacturer of advanced coding and marking equipment. Macsa ID’s laser systems offer high quality coding on a wide range of materials and surfaces even in dirty, dusty and humid production facilities. The move enables both companies to provide a complete solution to brands and converters utilising DataLase’s innovative coding and marking technologies and Macsa’s global distribution network.

During the first reprieve from Covid-19 in September, DataLase made headline news with an MBO, which secured full independence for the company from Sato.

As the dust settled on the MBO, the company released two new product developments: a functional masterbatch additive for plastics integration, and a new high humidity coating for use in the paper and corrugated printing industries.

To round off 2020, DataLase announced a partnership with Result Group, an Australia based business. The move, which helps support the growth of DataLase applications in the region, also allows the company to further expand its global reach.

‘Despite the clear difficulties of lockdown restrictions and all that encompassed, we aimed to achieve as much as possible during 2020 and I believe we accomplished that,’ said Paul Dustain at DataLase. ‘In the heat of the crisis, we have made important decisions faster and better, undertaken strategic decisions and help create the foundations for ensuring our long term competitive advantage – this year is all about maintaining impetus and reaping the benefits of that.’


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