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Domino helps customers optimise production with new vision inspection systems

Packaging Solutions

Domino Printing Sciences has announced the launch of the R-Series, a new range of smart vision systems for automatic inspection and validation of product codes, including date codes, batch numbers, barcodes, and 2D printed codes.

The R-Series was developed in consultation with customers following Domino’s acquisition of Lake Image Systems. The company has long recognised the importance of code validation for manufacturers and realised the customer value in reducing complexity and offering a complete end to end solution from a single trusted partner.

Specifically designed to work with Domino printers and coders, the R-Series eliminates the need for manual code validation and inspection, significantly reducing the risk of an incorrect code leaving a manufacturing site unnoticed, while allowing for more efficient use and distribution of resources.

‘Coding errors pose a significant financial risk to manufacturers – and this goes much further than the risk of manufacturing waste and need to rework incorrect stock,’ said Andy Barrett, portfolio and requirements director, Domino. ‘If left to enter the supply chain, an incorrect code can necessitate a product recall, which is not only costly in terms of logistics but can also damage the long term value of a company.

‘With the R-Series, we can offer our customers a range of integrated vision systems that automate the checking of every code, so that unidentified coding errors become a thing of the past.’

‘The R-Series completes a closed loop coding solution from Domino, also encompassing our trusted printing solutions and QuickDesign coding automation software,’ said Craig Stobie, global sector development director, Domino. ‘By partnering with Domino to validate their coding and marking systems, our customers can protect their operations from coding errors, reduce the risk of manufacturing waste, and increase overall equipment effectiveness and product yields.’

R-Series systems have been developed to work alongside Domino printers, integrating seamlessly into existing production lines without the need for custom brackets or specialist add-ons. The controllers can be run from a single human-machine interface and have a standard user interface with Domino ‘look and feel’, which is easy to learn and reduces the need for additional training.

Unlike other vision systems, the R-Series is specifically designed for coding and marking applications. The systems are optimised for Domino fonts, print characteristics, and inks and match the speed of the company’s fastest printers, meaning that manufacturers can code with confidence, knowing that every code that is printed can be checked and verified.

The R-Series is available as three separate products, with bespoke options available to cater for all requirements and budgets. The top level R550 is a complete code validation and verification solution, which validates the data for both human and machine readable codes, as well as checking for readability and code placement. The mid range R350, checks the readability of machine readable codes, while the R150, a cost efficient introductory option, offers simplified checking for code presence and placement.


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