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Double Morgana purchase for BFE, Bristol

Print Solutions

Business Forms Express Ltd (BFE), Temple Cloud, Bristol, has added two more pieces of Morgana print finishing equipment to its post press operation in January 2021 – a Morgana AutoFold Pro and an EBA6660 guillotine.

The new purchases join other Morgana products, including an AutoCreaser Pro 33A purchased in August 2020. The new AutoFold Pro is now connected to the AutoCreaser.

Commenting on the additions, Sam Winsor, sales director at the company, said: ‘Our team is used to the high quality of equipment that Morgana provides. We had an ageing Morgana folder – this needed updating to the new model in line with the changes to our product mix. We are seeing the demand for folding work growing with the increase of leaflet printing, folders, and brochures.

‘We were also keen to add a new guillotine – we have a larger model that is suitable for chopping down large A2 sheets, but we needed something a bit more nimble for the growth in our digital print sales. That is where the EBA came in. It is very operator friendly and ensures that we can keep up with our cutting requirements.’

With regard to the overall picture for the business during lockdown, Sam added: ‘Whilst we have seen a downturn in sales, our plan is to invest and try and sell through the current pandemic rather than sit still and wait for something to happen.

‘We are predominantly a lithographic business forms printer – continuous stationery, NCR books and pads, A4 laser sheets, and some general commercial work – all under the umbrella of being a trade printer. In 2018 we made the conscious decision to move ourselves into the digital printing market. This has shown dramatic growth, going from zero to around £11,000 per month at the end of 2020.’

With regards to the customer base, he said: ‘We focus totally on being a trade house, so rely on the orders from third parties. Our extensive customer base includes printers, print managers, and office supplies companies. Our printer clients feel 100% safe in sending work to us.

‘Adding digital to our portfolio gives us another avenue to explore and win more trade customers. Short run work or jobs requiring variable data are typical of the work coming our way from printers who are either too large to focus on the small jobs, or not suitably equipped or skilled to handle them yet.’

The Morgana AutoFold Pro is an automatic folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer who has the need to fold pre-creased sheets.

Controlled by the same innovative seven inch SmartScreen panel as other machines in the Pro range, the AutoFold Pro is instructed on how long the pre-creased sheet is and which fold to produce. All settings and adjustments are made using the new SmartScreen, and as only symbols are used, operation couldn’t be easier.

The free standing folding unit is designed for folding digital stocks using Morgana’s patented flying knife technology, developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks that are caused by folding using conventional methods. The unit is capable of folding up to 6240 sheets per hour, and takes stock of up to 0.4 mm thickness and sheets of up to 630 x 385 mm with the optional long sheet conveyor.

The EBA 6660 is a compact guillotine with a cutting length of 650 mm, and an electro-mechanical blade drive and clamping system. It is ideal for the busy printshop. Incorporating the latest IR safety guards, the product is delivered with its own stand complete with storage shelf.


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