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DP Lenticular expands application possibilities

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Customers asked and DP Lenticular listened. As a result, the leading supplier of lenticular sheets has launched new sheet sizes for its popular Motion 20 lpi 54°-LF lenticular sheets.

Following exciting discussions with large format clients, new 2.5 metre sheets have been developed to support greater production flexibility. Available now, they join the existing and popular 1.80 metre sheets.

DP Lenticular has also announced that Motion 20 LPI 54°-LF is finally back in stock. This sheet supports large format motion images such as flip, zoom and morphing as well as all kinds of animations. With a wide viewing angle of 54° and a thickness of 1.95 mm, it enables the production of lenticular images on flatbed digital printers and lamination.

‘We were being asked by customers to provide these very popular options in the larger size,’ explained DP Lenticular's founder and managing director Daniel Pierret. ‘We wanted to be sure that the product would respect our strict tolerances. We are delighted to be able to meet our customers’ demands and bring these to the market.

These options join the latest addition to DP Lenticular’s portfolio, the 75 lpi Lenstar Eco sustainable lenticular sheet. It is the only product available on the market that includes 50% recycled resin.

Lenstar Eco can be printed on almost all offset printing presses and is available in the 711 x 508 mm sheet size. It has been developed to help printers achieve their sustainable goals. Created with ease of cutting and finishing in mind, it delivers high optical clarity, great impact resistance, print receptivity and press stability.

Daniel added, ‘Clients love it and the feedback has been excellent. They love that they can support a more sustainable focus with 50% industrially recycled resin, affordably, while delivering a high lenticular image with a 406µ elliptical lens. There is no impact on transparency, ink adherence or 3D or animation effects.’

New polypro Microflex lenticular rolls for labels, brand authentication and security printing are also currently in production. The thin film features a continuous lens array embossed onto one surface and gloss printable surface on the opposite surface. Microflex is designed for flexographic and offset web printers but not suited sheetfed. It is press stable, press friendly and environmentally 100% recyclable. The rolls will be available late spring and are reserved to certified print partners only.


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