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DS Smith aids waste reduction with new DD Wrap

Packaging Solutions

DS Smith has launched DD Wrap as a new sustainable shelf ready packaging design to meet circular economy requirements while increasing supply chain efficiency and enhancing the in-store shopping experience. The DD Wrap packaging option was created by the company’s design team. It is designed and customised for a variety of packaging solutions and is created from a mono piece of carboard without perforation at the front side, thus improving visibility and appeal at the point of display.

The first new DD Wrap packaging solution was developed to contain biscuits and can be tailored bespoke for any other product range. Every DS Smith product is created according to the principles of the company’s Circular Design Principles and approach. This enables the company’s designers to minimise the amount of material and resources used and reduce the empty spaces and air present in packaging boxes. When transporting this new shelf ready packaging, all space is fully utilised reducing the volume of vehicles and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

The DS Smith Circular Design model allows for each packaging design solution to be assessed through eight different indicators. The designers can then assess from an informed perspective if a packaging product is reaching sustainability targets and decide on next steps on how to improve.

According to recent research by IGD (The Institute of Grocery Distribution), 53% of consumers feel that quality designed shelf ready packaging improves brand communication and 85% of shoppers think that in-store marketing is more likely to influence their purchase decisions. Some 42% of consumers believe that shelf ready packaging with clear presentation makes shopping easier.

DS Wrap is set to extend across a range of FMCG and food and beverage products and it is created from one piece of packaging, and easy to open without scissors or a sharp tool.


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