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DS Smith continues 36 year partnership with Tesco

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DS Smith has announced the renewal of its long- tanding cardboard recycling partnership with Tesco for another three years.

Through the strategic partnership, around 300,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard per year from Tesco’s UK retail operations will be recycled by DS Smith, including Kemsley paper mill in Kent.

As a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, DS Smith uses the recycled fibre to manufacture new products at its packaging sites within 14 days of collection through the company’s bespoke closed loop recycling process.

Since establishing their relationship in 1985, DS Smith and Tesco have successfully worked together on innovative solutions. These include establishing source segregated recycling streams through to utilising delivery vehicles for the backhauling of recyclables to Tesco’s own network of Recycling Service Units, ultimately improving the quality of material for recycling whilst reducing Co2 through less collections.

Andy Berrisford, UK managing director for recycling at DS Smith, said:

‘We are delighted to extend our long term relationship with Tesco. Tesco is a valuable partner for DS Smith’s recycling business, and our wide recycling network allows us to provide them with high quality service at all times. I look forward to continuing working closely with Tesco to keep evolving our partnership.’

Picture courtesy: Tesco.


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