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DTM Print offers extra value for Pro1050 and Pro1040 LED

Label Solutions

DTM Print offers great additional benefits with all its products such as free label design software (BarTender UltraLite and NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Version), support and service through local partners, and a large variety of approved label substrates under the brand ‘Genuine DTM Label Stock’.

One of those label substrates is the new ‘DTM DryToner Paper Semi Gloss Colour Coated’. The surface of this label material can be coated in many individual colours and has been designed specifically for adhesion to cardboard, metals and most plastics. It is a machine coated, woodfree printing paper with semi-gloss finish. Semi-gloss finish is highly abrasion and water resistant. The facestock is made from FSC certified paper. It is suitable for printing with usual dry toner electrographic label printers, such as the DTM CX86e Colour Tag Printer and OKI’s Pro10-Series.

Right now, DTM Print is offering a special bundle for the Pro1040 and Pro1050 LED label printers. Until 31 of March customers that purchase one of these printers get a three year warranty. Normally, you only get 12 months warranty. On top of that you get a roll of the new ‘DTM DryToner Paper Semi Gloss Colour Coated’ in the colour of your choice.

Besides label printers for different production volumes DTM Print’s product range includes label finishing solutions, applicators and metallic foil imprinters, providing solutions ‘tailored’ to the end user’s needs.

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