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Eco Flexibles underlines soaring commercial momentum of 'sustainable' FMCG packaging

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UK headquartered sustainable flexible packaging business, Eco Flexibles, has shared perspective on the growing importance of ‘green’ statements in FMCG retail strategy.

Eco Flexibles, which partners with brands, packers and retailers to develop high performance lightweight monopolymer flexible packaging, believes that shifting public moods signpost the future of packaging design and development – with significant commercial implications.

Simon Buswell, sales and marketing director, elaborated: ‘For brands looking to reach and connect with today’s mindful consumers, we cannot continue to treat sustainability as just a competitive edge; it is so much more. Consumers are now making their shopping decisions based on the environmental credentials of a business – in the centuries long history of packaging, this is perhaps the biggest single shift in mindset.

‘Eco friendly packaging isn’t a gimmick or a phase, it comes with real commercial power attached as consumers are actively seeking these greener choices. Because of this, it is not just doing good for the planet, but for the bottom line too. There is true momentum building in the sector as brands develop more demonstrably sustainable packaging and 2022 is set to be no different. The best time for making the switch to lightweight monopolymers was yesterday; the second best time is now.’

Aiming to make the transition to more sustainable packaging simpler and more value adding for FMCG brands, Eco Flexibles offers a range of ‘off the shelf’ lightweight flexible packaging solutions, as well as bespoke monopolymer designs. With a business set up that makes the process faster and more effective, the company supports businesses across the FMCG, grocery and pet food sectors.

The business believes that to make the packaging industry more secure and robust, sustainable packaging needs to add more value to the brand and rebalance the scales.

Simon added, ‘Something that amazes packaging professionals is how far packaging sustainability has come in a very short space of time. It is a complete shift in priorities and the dichotomy is different. With a strengthening connection between sustainability and market performance, it is no longer a competitive edge or a ‘nice to have’, it is the benchmark.

‘Excitingly, this means that sustainable innovation is back on top of the agenda, and we are expecting to see this continue at pace. Brands that are not yet exploring more sustainable packaging for their FMCG products will find themselves at a distinct – and completely avoidable – disadvantage in today’s market.’


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