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eco-seal: giving you the competitive edge

Print Solutions

CyanX is the European distributer for eco-seal. With direct mail continuing to gain popularity over web mail, and the number of direct mailers going out every day increasing, the company can offer new possibilities and opportunities for marketing and promotions ­– be it traditional long run blanket mail or short run personalised targeted mailers. In both these markets, eco-seal will give you the edge, and your clients something different.

eco-seal’s secret is in the special aqueous coating which has properties to make amazing mailers possible – interactive, memorable and fun. And, once peeled, the eco-seal mailer cannot be re-sealed – just like an envelope it is tamper evident – yet, there is no need for an envelope saving time, cost and environment waste.

The eco-seal aqueous coating can be run through a litho press with coater. Once cut to size this is put on the folder like any other job.



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