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Enfocus announces release of PitStop 2022 update on its 25th anniversary

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Enfocus has announced a platform update for its preflighting and PDF editing programme, PitStop, as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary of the software.

Fully interactive, PitStop is a comprehensive PDF tool for pre-press that preflights and edits files ready for print and automatically fixes any errors to make the pre-press process more efficient. The validation tool enables brands to overcome preflighting, editing, repair and reporting challenges to streamline operations.

The first update to the software in 2022 coincides with its 25th year in operation and sees the company incorporate support for PDF 2.0, alongside improvements in adding bleeds on a contour to print ready files.

PitStop product manager John Dean commented, ‘Pitstop is the industry leading PDF preflighting software. It remains in that position after 25 years because we continuously ensure it is up to date with all the latest benefits to meet all our customers’ needs.’

The latest PitStop version is designed to work effectively with the latest Adobe updates and ensures customers can now remain efficient across their prepress processes with the bleed addition to contours.

PitStop updates are now available for both existing and new customers.


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