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Enfocus gears up for new product releases with PitStop and BoardingPass

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Enfocus has announced PitStop 2021 and the pre-prelease and official product release date of BoardingPass.

BoardingPass pre-release 5 will allow you to customise your bleed settings and search for 12 different colour spaces. Pre-release 5 will go live on 9 March as a free public pre-release. The official release date is foreseen for the beginning of April.

‘We value customer feedback and are excited to bring the most requested features to the pre-release, confident that the product will be an invaluable tool for CSRs,’ said Joana Silva, BoardingPass product manager.

Everyone who buys PitStop today will receive the 2021 version.

PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2021 will be released in mid April. The most standout new features include:

Booklet imposition.

Check bleed around a dieline.

Generate bleed around a dieline.

Improvements to page based bleed functionality.

A PitStop grace period begins on 1 March 2021. Customers who buy PitStop Pro or PitStop Server 2020 as a new licence, subscription or upgrade will receive a PitStop 2021 license key.

‘We have continued to build on our PDF technologies with this release. PitStop Pro, our flagship, is the industry standard for PDF editing and validation. The feature set, that we keep expanding, is developed to give prepress teams every advantage to overcome production challenges,’ said Andrew Bailes-Collins, senior product manager.


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