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Enfocus releases Connect You and Connect All 2021

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Enfocus has announced the release of Connect 2021, which brings Connect You and Connect All up to speed with the latest PitStop libraries. The features that come along with PitStop 2020 and PitStop 2021 are valuable additions to Connect. PitStop 2020 included overlay PDF, check page bleed, add copied graphic with variables, normalise Pantone names, and check for corrupt images. With PitStop 2021 came check bleed on contour, impose to spreads, consolidate fonts, and flatten type 3 fonts.

New features in the latest PitStop libraries:

Overlay PDF – allows one multi-page PDF to be overlaid onto another and merged into one file.

Check page bleed – a new page based method of ensuring bleed.

Add copied graphics – use variables to place graphics in a PDF.

Normalise Pantone names – rename Pantone colours to your standard convention.

Check for corrupt images – finds corrupt images during preflight.

Check bleed on contour – checks defined bleed along a dieline.

Impose document – impose a PDF as either printer or reader spreads.

Consolidate fonts – cleans up fonts for more efficient processing.

Flatten type 3 fonts – flattens type 3 fonts into raster or vector content for consistent output.

Connect 2021 also provides support for macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon via Rosetta.


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