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Essentra Tapes boosts consumer ‘unboxing’ experience with new Eco Range innovation

Packaging Solutions

Essentra Tapes recently launched three brand new products focused on improving e-commerce packaging, including one groundbreaking innovation in its Eco Range of sustainable solutions – Rippatape Halo. Rippatape Halo, offers consumers and brand owners alike, a recyclable, paper based alternative to plastic easy open tear tapes.

By combining Rippatape Halo, with the new Easiliner, and SF-AS DH1 applicator system, Essentra Tapes has significantly bolstered their portfolio of total tapes solutions.

As the total value of returned e-commerce purchases now totals $428 billion – over 10% of all global retail sales – the newly expanded e-commerce portfolio meets the packaging industry’s needs for more sustainable reverse logistics solutions.

Easiliner is a paper based silicon release liner range which protects pressure sensitive glue lines, making for cost effective e-commerce packaging that is equipped to meet consumer demands for more sustainable, easily returnable products.

To address the need for enhanced packaging and minimise the impact on production efficiencies, the SF-AS DH1 applicator was launched in September. The system is capable of running two applicator heads simultaneously, meaning Rippatape Halo can be applied alongside release liners or double sided tapes.

‘Our vision was simple – to create a simple to operate, easy to integrate applicator, which addresses the tape application needs manufacturers and makes light work of creating e-commerce solutions,’ said Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development at Essentra Tapes.

Rippatape Halo, meanwhile, offers cartonboard converters an effective easy opening tear tape system for their carton and corrugated packaging without introducing any plastic into the pack design. This enhances the unboxing experience for end users and eliminates ‘wrap rage’ while helping consumers, brands, and converters make more sustainable choices.

Ian added, ‘We are proud of the proactive steps we have taken to address the needs of today’s market.

‘The Eco Range is all about enhancing packaging and turning it into something more than waste that ends up in a bin. By improving functionality of the finished packaging – we can also help build consumer engagement while also cutting the costs involved with return packaging.

‘These are products designed for the unique demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – packaging industry. By combining the Eco Range family with an Essentra Tapes applicator, converters can develop unrivalled flexibility in their product portfolio.’


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