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Essentra Tapes launches eco friendly PCR easy open tape

Packaging Solutions

Essentra Tapes has launched a new tear tape containing 70% post consumer recycled PET.

SupaStrip PCR is designed to close the loop on sustainable flexible packaging while still offering a high end frustration free opening experience for consumers. Manufactured from a 23 micron single ply PET film for improved cross tearing protection, SupaStrip PCR ensures a clean tear in the intended direction, while still offering incredible strength to prevent the tape from snapping.

Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development, said: ‘Studies have shown that, of the most common frustrations with packaging, 57% of consumers think packs being too difficult to open is the most serious issue, while 43% of consumers get frustrated when packaging is too difficult to recycle. SupaStrip PCR is the ideal solution for both problems and its high recycled material content means it is a future proofed solution for manufacturers and converters looking to stay on the right side of increasingly strict packaging legislation and EPR reforms.

‘We are proud that we have managed to achieve the same performance from SupaStrip PCR as we do from the original SupaStrip. This means it offers the same clean tearing capability for frustration free flexible e-commerce packaging, tamper proof films for pharmaceutical and tobacco products, and a wide range of flexible packaging applications.’

He added, ‘We know it is more important than ever for brands to know every component of their packaging. SupaStrip PCR helps ensure global supply chain compliance and means brands can really shout about their sustainability agenda – without compromising on a quality consumer opening experience.’

As with other Essentra products, SupaStrip PCR can be printed with bespoke designs, meaning it can carry promotional material, safety messages, opening instructions, and more.


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