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Estal consolidates UK presence with its 100% recycled PCR glass bottles

Packaging Solutions

Estal is strengthening its commitment to its UK customers by consolidating its commercial team and adding new product warehouses. The Spanish glass packaging manufacturer is also expanding the reach of the Wild Glass collection.


With these changes, the company can offer more personalised attention to each of its customers and streamline product delivery times.


The Wild Glass collection consists of bottles made of 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) glass, ideal for the growing number of consumers who prefer products that reflect an ecological conscience. This collection features organic designs, small imperfections, and other aesthetic peculiarities that reinforce Estal's commitment to sustainability and transparency.


Ana del Corral, commercial director of Estal, commented: ‘We love imperfections; we consider them a unique feature of Wild Glass. Each bottle is an honest piece that communicates our commitment to the environment. These are bottles that reflect the values of brands that advocate for sustainability as a core value.’


Ana del Corral emphasises the importance of the company's establishment in the UK. ‘This country represents a very important part of our growth strategy, especially regarding glass and closures for distilleries. With the new warehouse, we are better equipped than ever to meet the demands of our traditional customers and arouse the interest of other local businesses. We want to continue consolidating the success of Wild Glass and the rest of our products, as well as our commitment to the environment and originality,' she explained.


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