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Exciting promotions tailored to you!

Print Solutions

Do you do things better, quicker, more creatively?

Get in touch if you would like to be involved in the most creative, brightest and most dynamic ideas for promotion this summer and into the autumn. Contact David on: if you would like to find out more

As well as our magazines, Earth Island produces a range of market dedicated knowledge guides under the ‘How to make the most of…’ brand, and to support our Green Solutions magazine, the ‘Quick and Easy’ help handbooks. Lots of exciting opportunities coming up this year.

We have lots of exciting projects coming up in the autumn and for the winter season too - find out how you can be involved by getting in touch.


Market research and surveys, adding creativity, AR, social media, e-mailouts, networking events, roundtables and conferences, content licensing, a daily news service, and lots more.

But also...

Strategic Marketing: We successfully help marketeers to get the best value. Individually tailored, our solutions will get people talking about your products or service. In short, we help in getting more creativity into your marketing.

As well as...

Contract Publishing: Whether you need a one off publication or an on-going periodical, we can contract publish it for you. We can undertake the whole management of the project from sourcing content or writing exclusive editorials, to design, layout, proofing, substrate sourcing, printing and fulfilment, or help you with the individual elements you need.

And also... International Print Day: Earth Island is the UK arm of International Print Day, a global initiative that promotes positive print.

And another...

The Printing Industry Golf Society (PIGS): Meeting several times a year for networking, the society is growing and golfing.

And, by no means least...

Licensing and syndicating content. Providin a highly collaborative approach to help clients grow opportunities.

And, so much, much, much, much more...

Get in touch if we can help you in our friendly, creative and value adding way.

We are happy to tailor make a solution suited especially for you and the needs of your business – large or small.

07711 004558


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