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EyeC introduces new update for EyeC Proofiler

Software Solutions

EyeC has announced the availability of an update for EyeC Proofiler featuring integrated colour inspection and support for digital colour libraries. Also new is the EyeC Color Book Editor which supports the management of digital colour books and individual colour references, while enabling a smooth inspection process. With this update, the company is responding to the growing demands of print image inspection, particularly in the consumer and luxury goods and pharmaceutical industries.

The new Proofiler software update ensures integrated colour measurement without the addition of an external measuring device. Any number of colour patches can be measured randomly in the sample and previously defined measuring points can be reliably checked. Colours are evaluated during the measurement as CIELab colour values, which are then specified as delta E colour differences compared to the reference colour values. Measurement can be done on a PDF (PDF to PDF comparison) or on a scanned, physical sample (PDF to scan or scan to scan comparison).

The new update also includes the Color Book Editor. This user friendly program enables even more efficient and faster input of the most suitable reference colours by importing customer specific colour books, Pantone libraries as well as the manual input of CIELab reference colour values. Individual colour values can be edited and managed with just a few clicks. The intelligent function offers EyeC Proofiler users the additional option of applying colour values recurrently and automatically with a secure process for colour measurement. Furthermore, exact CIELab values and delta E tolerance values can be assigned to each colour. Input errors are reliably avoided by selecting the predefined reference colour values.

With this new version, E Proofiler users can now perform both relative process control and absolute colour measurement in CIELab. The beneficial results are time savings in coloru measurement and the assurance that colours always match the required specifications.


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