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Falconer creates premium packaging solution for home fragrance brand

Packaging Solutions

Falconer Print & Packaging has recently worked with MixMy, a new to market fragrant candle producer, to create a luxury packaging solution for its collection of primary candles and refills.

MixMy is an innovative new home fragrance concept enabling consumers to ‘mix and match’ primary fragrances together to create multiple ‘Scent Destination’ combinations. There are five primary candles, which can be burnt singularly or alongside each other, and five refill options. The primary candles are presented in a bespoke 1 kg glass container, which can be reused many times over; the candle refills come encased in packaging made from mycelium, a root like organic fibre that is completely home compostable.

Having worked with Falconer previously, MixMy’s founder, Vicky Bellerby, asked the company to create the packaging for the launch of the fragrance brand. With the primary candles being much heavier than most others, initial consideration was given to the base of the carton, and making it strong enough to hold the weight. A usual crash lock base would not work as it limited the amount of space available for artwork – as scented candles require a substantial amount of regulatory information printing on the carton, space was important. Falconer overcame this problem by designing a double lock flap base which would hold the candle securely, whilst maximising the space available to print on.

Both primary candle and candle refill cartons were printed matt on Incada Silk FSC 590micron material. The designs included debossing and unvarnished plus signs as a stand out feature, meaning that Falconer had to ensure that the print alignment of every single carton had to be perfect so each plus sign aligns when multiple cartons are merchandised side by side.

Commenting on the cartons, Vicky said, ‘As Falconer had always provided outstanding service – both from a customer and end product perspective – the decision to use them to develop and produce my cartons was a no-brainer. I am over the moon with the finished primary candle and primary candle refill cartons and inserts. They reflect the quality I was looking to achieve 100%, and play a huge part in the overall look and feel of the MixMy brand and concept.’

Falconer’s Colin Pow added, ‘Working on this project really typifies what Falconer is all about – our customers get a solution focused personal approach that provides them with a service and product that is of the highest quality, while also creating real added value. We wish Vicky and her venture every success for the future.’


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