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Falconer’s eye catching packaging adds spirit to Murray McDavid rebrand

Packaging Solutions

Falconer has produced distinctive stand out secondary packaging for a refresh of Scotch whisky brand, Murray McDavid, owned by Speyside based Aceo. The eye catching design of the packaging retains the six core colours, which have been refreshed whilst staying true to the original distinctive Murray McDavid look. With sustainability being a major consideration for the move, the new look recyclable cartons replace previous tin tubes marking the start of a new chapter in Murray McDavid’s 30 year history as leading independent bottlers.

Falconer worked with the Murray McDavid Whisky creations team to develop the new packaging. By addressing the brand’s carbon footprint and advances in packaging technologies, the aim of the refresh was to accentuate the brand’s craft features of authenticity and quality, whilst improving shelf presence and relevance across target markets.

For the cartons, Falconer used Nordica Duo 710, with matt varnish on the non foil areas and gloss varnish on the foil areas to accentuate the spot colour. The carton itself was produced using a silver, over printable hot foil. One solid spot Pantone was added over the baseboard and foil, which meant no register issues and a very clean finish.

A darker Pantone was added to create the detail in the logo and drop shadows. Furthermore, the over-printable hot foil enabled the brand owner to use a generic silver foil for all variants and change the colour of the foil with a colour wash. Not only did this provide a cost saving on foil and process, but it also means that any colour can be used if required.

Commenting on the creation of the packs, Falconer’s Colin Pow, said: ‘The packs are unique in that they have clear colour differentiation which covers the whole carton. The key was to avoid any fit or register lines that were eradicated by one solid colour over foil and board. The foil colour is bespoke to the colour chosen by the brand owner. Any colour reference can therefore be met, which gives more flexibility when adding stock keeping units as they are not limited to a fixed hot foil reference.’


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