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Fast, faster, Rapida Eco

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For many years, Rapida, a sheetfed ink series from hubergroup Print Solutions, has proven itself on the market as one of the fastest setting inks. Now, the international printing ink specialist has announced a relaunch of the ink series under the name Rapida Eco. The reason for this is the changed formulation of the series, which is now mineral oil free, meaning they combine very fast setting with a sustainable formulation.

Josef Sutter, product manager sheetfed/UV Europe at hubergroup, said: ‘It was important to us that customers who place great value on fast printing also have a sustainable option to choose from. So, we decided to reformulate our fastest sheetfed ink series. Not an easy task, but we are pleased that we took on this challenge and are now able to offer our customers one of the fastest vegetable based inks for sheet fed printing available on the market.’

Like its predecessor, Rapida Eco allows the paper to be processed immediately after printing and is suitable for perfecting presses. Moreover, it has a very high duct freshness which makes the series ideal for warmer regions, too. Josef added, ‘Of course, Rapida Eco also shows very good printing behaviour, and printers who already use Rapida do not have to make any changes to their processes.’

The sustainability of printed products has been in the focus of hubergroup’s research activities for a long time. For example, the company was the first international ink manufacturer to receive a cradle to cradle certificate in the sheetfed offset sector in 2017. Only recently, it announced a complete cradle to cradle material health certified gold portfolio for commercial and packaging offset printing.


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