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Fasten introduces sustainable, refillable jar

Packaging Solutions

Fasten, an IBG (Innovative Beauty Group) company, and a leading global beauty solutions provider, has introduced its ‘Refill Reuse Repeat’, a sustainable, refillable cosmetic jar system ideal for cream skincare and makeup products. Available in a standard 50 ml cream jar size, the system combines high end appeal with heightened eco friendliness.

The jar is made entirely of one material, recycled polypropylene (PP). All parts are fully recyclable, which ensures a circular economy aiming to repurpose waste as a resource for manufacturing new products and materials. The concept comprises a lightweight, open outer jar base in conjunction with an ultra light, thermoformed refill cup. The refill is inserted inside the base with one click, and removed just as easily. To distinguish between creams, differing colours can be used for the refill cup.

Importantly, the open structure of the jar base not only shows consumers which cream refill they are using visually, but also reduces the material needed for the jar. This reusable jar design can save up to 80% on material use compared to conventional 50 ml jars.

The jar is also 70% lighter than comparable standard cream jars, and the refill units are stackable. The result is a drastic increase in space consolidation and substantial reduction in shipping weight. Combined, these factors lead to a significantly reduced supply chain CO2 footprint.

The concept is made even more sustainable by replacing ink with debossing, eliminating the use of glue and utilising fast growing elephant grass in the cardboard box that houses the jar.

‘We pride ourselves on consistently bringing forward thinking innovations to our customers with an unwavering focus on reducing environmental impact,’ said Ilja Zutt, managing director of Fasten. ‘Our Refill Reuse Repeat jar is just that – a unique packaging concept created to satisfy all aspects of sustainability from its reduced material usage, refillable design and full recyclability.’


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