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Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives presents new premium self-adhesive papers with 100% recycled fibres

Label Solutions

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is launching its new range of premium papers, made from 100% recycled fibres. The result is a comprehensive selection of the highest quality materials, designed to enable brands producing wines, spirits, craft beers, gourmet foods and cosmetic products to showcase their excellence in the best possible way.

The premium natural range with 100% recycled fibres was created as a tool to boost the creativity of professionals, who will be able to bring to life projects that represent and tell the story of the commitment that luxury brands make to sustainability. Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives started by reviewing some of the most highly rated premium self-adhesive papers with the aim of ensuring high quality products without compromising on either performance or aesthetic appeal.

One hundred percent of the cellulose sourced by the company is FSC certified and the bulk of the facestock is manufactured by Fedrigoni Paper. This synergy guarantees premium quality and consistent production on a global scale over time. These truly outstanding papers, made from 100% recycled fibres, combined with high performance adhesives, result in targeted materials for critical applications. The H+O and Ultra WS technologies support products that are often subject to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, such as wine and beer bottles. The greaseproof technology on the other hand protects labels from oils and fatty substances, as in the case of extra virgin oils, maintaining the high end image of the product from the shop to the table.

The versatility of the range in terms of functionality and adaptability to different needs covers a wide variety of applications, always with the highest quality. The self-adhesive greaseproof solutions are designed for the gourmet and cosmetics sector; the solutions for bottle necks can be combined with the main label for a 100% coordinated and premium presentation and specific technologies, such as H+O, Ultra WS and Barrier, ensure a perfect image by preventing the formation of wrinkles and bubbles, as well as label deformation. Last but not least, the rPET liners, made from 30% recycled PET, reduce the amount of virgin PET used at source.

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has drawn on its extensive experience and technical expertise to develop self-adhesive papers made from 100% recycled fibres, resulting in the typical combination of elegance, choice of materials and very high technical performance. But it does not stop there: by 2030 the group aims to double the volume of items with advanced sustainable features in its product portfolio.


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