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Fedrigoni showcases a multiplicity of printing techniques with its recycled content papers

Paper Solutions

Fedrigoni has launched ‘Materia Viva Light’, a resourceful guide composed of 20 showcards for printers and end users, demonstrating a variety of printing solutions for 12 of its recycled content papers.

Following last year’s launch of the Materia Viva collection, the company has produced a smart tool to provide examples of different printing processes on its range of recycled content paper. Utilising the visual representation of each type of paper (‘Woodstock Verde’ embodies a bird’s eye view of a forest, for example), the tool displays techniques like:

Reproducing the same image on different paper stocks within the same family, like Symbol Card Eco 50 and 100 single side coated SBS board, as well the two sided version.

Printing the same image utilising offset and offset UV on the smooth and a new rough version of Freelife Cento, whilst printing offset with varnish on Freelife Cento Black.

Using the same image and same printing technique on different substrates like the two-side feltmarked Freelife Merida, the finely mottled Freelife Kendo and the smooth Freelife Oikos.

The ranges included in the Materia Viva collection are Arena Eco; Freelife Cento, Kendo, Merida, Oikos and Vellum; Life Eco; Materica; Woodstock; Old Mill Eco; Symbol Freelife Pearl and Embossed; and Symbol Card Eco.

Each paper contains levels of recycled content fibres, or alternative natural fibres such as cotton and hemp. Where virgin fibres are used, they are always sourced from FSC certified forests. The collection includes new products as well as others that were previously available in the company’s portfolio since 1996 but have since been revisited and improved, including Life Eco.

‘Sustainability remains a top priority for the FMCG market. From luxury retail, to the drinks sector or packaging, the demand for recycled content papers outweighs any other line of materials. We hope this collection of showcards can best present ways to use our papers from the Materia Viva range.’ commented Alison Burrows, paper and packaging consultant, Fedrigoni UK.


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