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Flow Materials launches new range of flexible packaging adhesives

Packaging Solutions

Flow Materials has announced the launch of a new range of adhesive solutions designed for today’s flexible packaging industry.


Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Flow was established in 2022 by a team of ex Dow Chemical experts including UK based Mike Holmes, to change the game in adhesive supply for flexible packaging converters.


Mike stated, ‘It is quite clear that the flexible packaging market is changing rapidly with the pressure to innovate and deliver new solutions that improve the sustainability of packs and production processes. Having come from a large multinational supply background, our team recognises the challenges our customers face. We know converters need comprehensive expert technical support, as well as agile and responsive suppliers that work with them as partners to deliver next generation solutions.


‘We have developed a portfolio of solvent, solvent free and water based adhesives but importantly, we have a strong focus on innovation, agility, and flexibility in meeting tailored customer needs at competitive prices, which are critical to success in today’s fast paced market.’


Flow Materials has a number of customers working with it across the UK, Germany and Italy with bold ambitions to change the game in supply performance.


‘Today’s flexible packaging is changing – substrates, inks, adhesives, coatings – you name it, every aspect of functional design is being addressed to drive cost out, quality up and more sustainable production. At Flow, we are adhesive and lamination experts by training and have the knowledge and technical skills to support customers in their pursuit of continuous improvement,’ said Mike.


‘With enough capacity to make an impact in EMEA market, we are excited about what we can do for our customers in terms of speed, precision and reliability.’



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