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Fromagerie Milleret launches premium cheeses in recyclable paper packaging

Packaging Solutions

Amcor has collaborated with the French family owned cheese producer, Fromagerie Milleret, to launch a new recycle ready paper packaging for the company’s Le Baron Brie and l’Ortolan Bio premium cheeses.


The two companies have worked together for over 30 years, leveraging their in-depth knowledge of soft cheese products to develop more sustainable packaging. Utilising AmFiber Matrix recycle ready breathable wrap, Fromagerie Milleret’s new paper packaging solution is recyclable in existing paper streams, without compromising the quality or integrity of the product itself. 


The new packaging solution contributes to a 53% reduction in water consumption compared to the previous pack – according to Amcor’s Asset lifecycle assessment. 


‘We know that 84% of European consumers actively seek recycling instructions on packaged products, while 60% say that recyclability instructions and sustainability logos positively influence their purchase decision,’ said Laura Delapeyronnie, marketing manager dairy. 


AmFiber Matrix packaging allows soft cheese producers to control the level of moisture within the product and the ripening process. This is important, as packaging with too little air exchange can trap excess moisture, leading to a soggy or undesirable texture. While overly porous packaging can cause the cheese to dry out. Amcor’s solution is designed specifically to support cheese ripening, allowing Fromagerie Milleret to maintain the desired texture and flavour of their cheese. 


Laura added, ‘The solution is breathable in a way that protects product quality in shops and at home, addressing consumer concerns about the shelf life of dairy products and food waste. And the packaging can be fashioned into a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.’


For a company that promises a locally crafted product – Fromagerie Milleret collects all of its milk within 30 km on average from its cheese factory – the new packaging meets consumers’ preferences for natural, authentic dairy products presented in paper packaging.


‘Fromagerie Milleret has been producing soft cheese products for over a century. Since our foundation, we have worked to ensure sustainability in our products. Our long standing partnership with Amcor to produce more sustainable soft cheese packaging reinforces our shared commitment to achieving full recyclability for all our dairy products,’ said Chloé Petit, export manager at Fromagerie Milleret.   



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