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Frugalpac join Two Sides

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Two Sides has announced its newest member, Frugalpac, the British sustainable packaging company with a global mission to decarbonise the food and drinks industry. 


Frugalpac is a leading international innovator and supplier of quality recycled paper packaging. Its products have a low carbon footprint, are easily recycled again and don’t need to go to landfill. 


Its first product – the Frugal Cup – is a recyclable beverage and food cup made from 96% recycled paper and using 60% less carbon than normal paper cups. The company is now looking to save the planet one bottle at a time by cutting the carbon footprint of wine and spirits bottles by 84% by using recycled paper. 


CEO Malcolm Waugh said, ‘We thought it was important to become a Two Sides member to support its goal of promoting sustainable print and paper based packaging.


‘At Frugalpac, we have a global mission to help decarbonise the drinks and food industry. We do that by creating sustainable packaging using recycled paper. Our recycled paper can have several lives before becoming a paper bottle and can be recycled again using significantly less carbon than a traditional glass bottle.


‘Paper has a vital role to play in helping the world cut carbon and we look forward to working with Two Sides to make that case around the world.’ 


Josh Birch, campaign manager of Two Sides UK added: ‘Our partnership with Frugalpac will help us communicate the great sustainable narrative that paper based packaging has to tell, to brands and consumers who must be informed about the positive environmental attributes of our industry and its paper based products. Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure and we look forward to working with Frugalpac moving forward.’




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