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ghd presentation packs put the ‘luxe’ in luxurious

Packaging Solutions

A stunning sunburst effect in gold foil is one of the standout features of the luxury presentation packs, designed and produced by Pusterla Pollards for ghd’s 2022 Christmas range.

ghd’s Lavish Luxe Collection has been inspired by the Luxe art deco movement and includes hairdryers, stylers and hot brushes, with a range of limited edition products produced in an eye catching gold colour and including luxurious red velvet cases.

To maximise on-shelf impact, effectively convey the luxury image of the range, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation during both the purchase and the opening experience, the presentation boxes from Pollards for the limited edition items feature metallic paper, colour matched to the products and incorporating the eye catching sunburst.

This has been achieved through the use of gold foil, which is also colour matched to the metal highlights on the products. The embossed effect includes the printing of a darker tint under the foil. This acts like a shadow being cast on the paper by the gold foiling, adding further depth to the design that accentuates the foil. The overall effect is one of gold dust which shimmers like glitter and creates a sense of movement as the eye passes over the pack.

The same sunburst is also incorporated on the packaging for the core Lavish Luxe range. The boxes for these products are produced in black with the gold sunburst emphasised by the use of spot UV. The sunburst feature on all the packs establishes a link between the two ranges, while the gold shimmering finish on the limited edition boxes emphasises their premium offering.

Pollards’ technical and colour matching skills were critical in ensuring the consistency of the gold foil and achieving the finished sunburst effect.

‘One of Pusterla Pollards’ major skills is the ability to create impactful designs while always being aware of the practicalities of manufacturing, so that we achieve high quality, attractive and functional luxury packaging that can be produced efficiently and cost effectively,’ commented James Welch, ghd’s senior packaging designer.

‘These latest packs are a further demonstration of the strong and successful working partnership that exists between our two companies.’


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