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Guandong presents the Digital Connection 2023

Wide Format Solutions

Guandong has launched the Digital Connection, an interactive and multimedia catalogue of the wide range of print media offered by the specialist.

The range is presented by application areas and use, with technical data sheets, images and the new Digital Corner, which allows you to explore more with multimedia contents.

‘In the era of fast food, fast fashion, fast charging, it is time to reconnect,’ explained Edoardo Elmi, president and founder of Guandong. ‘We reconnect to the rhythm of nature and quality, toward a better progress.’

In accordance with this vision, the new Digital Connection focuses on the strengths of the offer, developed to meet the needs of visual communication and interior decoration. The Digital Connection isn’t just a catalogue. It is a real working tool designed for all the stakeholders in the supply chain: from dealers to printers, from architects to builders, from designers to end customers.

To make the search for products simple, the different media for printing are presented by type of application. The catalogue is available in paper or digital version, where a click on the product chosen in the index send the user to a relative page, with description, certifications, images, technical data sheets and digital corner to consult dedicated info points and photo galleries. Included in the Digital Connection 2023, the Dotty collection is made up of special media for decorating glass and walls. It is easy to apply and remove thanks to the micro suction cup structure and air release technology.

The M&F Visual-Comm line allows users to combine the Magnetic and Ferro systems to transform the appearance of any room or surface in the blink of an eye. And, the special One Way Vision supports, a complete range of vinyls and laminations for temporary decorations. Guandong combines theoretical with practical knowledge, offered through marketing tools designed to guide distributors, printers and end users in choosing the most suitable media for the specific use. Among these are the Pocket Collections, real thematic samples in 14 x 24 cm pocket format, to hold in hands the actual application opportunities offered by Guandong solutions. ‘For us at Guandong Italia, people are at the heart of all our actions,’ added Edoardo Elmi. ‘With the new Digital Connection we reaffirm our desire not to limit ourselves to provide a simple product catalogue, but to share the consolidated know how on which the development of the solutions we propose is based. Growing together is for us the first and most important commitment of every day.’

To download The Digital Connection 2023 please see:


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