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Gunna Drinks’ game changing aluminium bottled sodas

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Anti-plastic campaigning soda brand, Gunna Drinks, has launched a new range of aluminium bottled soft drinks. With around 70% of soft drinks currently bottled in damaging single use plastic (SUP), it hopes the move will be a catalyst for change in the sector. Utilising a larger, resealable 500 ml format, versus a standard 330 ml can, Gunna has initially launched three immune boosting lemonades in the bottles, tapping into the burgeoning demand for functional food and drink. With aluminium being infinitely recyclable, the bottles have strong environmental credentials which when paired with their wellness proposition, align with two of the biggest consumer demands in soft drinks right now and make for a compelling proposition for retailers.

In 2022, Gunna launched a petition for the UK government to ban plastic bottles and is swiftly making a name for itself challenging big soda brands to stop using SUP. It is estimated that an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK, with only 19.8 million recycled. Of this, only around 10% gets recycled in the UK, while the majority is either incinerated, goes to landfill or is sent abroad.

Health and wellbeing are playing more of a role in consumers’ shopping choices than ever before and in line with this, Gunna is launching five new immunity boosting sodas with added vitamin C and zinc.


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