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Heidelberg to host virtual Innovation Week

Print Solutions

Heidelberg is at the forefront of digital development and integration, which offers leading advantages to users in the market. These digital capabilities have been especially beneficial to its customers globally as they steer through the challenges of a world with Covid-19.

In its effort to further reach out to and support its customers across the commercial, packaging and label print segments, Heidelberg is organising an international customer campaign – Innovation Week – from the 19 to the 23 of October 2020. This digital event will showcase the range of the company’s innovations, feature informative online presentations as well as give customers a platform to interact with industry experts and Heidelberg staff.

The Innovation Week programmes will be streamed live, and customers can access the content on-demand, at the beginning of each day. One on one conversations and question and answers sessions will also be organised in more than 35 countries in 30 languages and across 15 time zones – ensuring a truly global reach!

Under the theme ‘Unfold your Potential’, this large scale, virtual event will highlight the need for digitisation of print shops to greatly enhance productivity and competitiveness, building a print media industry fit for the future.

Heidelberg will use this event to guide customers and other participants on how they can implement creative solutions, continue to be agile, build their business and make intelligent investments in products and technologies despite the ongoing pandemic.

There will also be a strong focus on addressing and eliminating customer pain points.

Supplementing Innovation Week, Heidelberg UK will also be addressing customer requests for more personalised demonstrations from its Brentford office. These live demonstrations from Brentford are exclusive to UK and Irish customers and will feature customised product presentations, handpicked from the company’s product portfolio, for specific business/industry needs. These demonstrations will feature real time, virtual questions and answers sessions as well.

‘We need to adapt in an ever changing technological world,’ said Ryan Miles, managing director of Heidelberg UK. ‘We want to keep our customers up to date with all Heidelberg products and developments. Innovation Week will present the newest tools to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers print shops.’

Heidelberg UK also has a system in place for customers wishing to visit Brentford in person for these demonstrations. These sessions will strictly follow precautionary protocols and social distancing guidelines to ensure customer and employee safety.

If you wish to know more about the content of Innovation Week or register for the event, click here

To opt for a customised remote or in-person demonstration from Brentford, or for answers to any other queries regarding changes at Heidelberg, please e-mail


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