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Holographic tear tape Supastrip Prism unlocks new possibilities for enhanced packaging opening experience

Packaging Solutions

Filtrona Tapes has reintroduced its holographic tear tape range to enable brands and their packaging suppliers to deliver on pack impact and security for a new age.


Whether looking to catch the eye through a kaleidoscope of rich colours or opting to pair holography with high quality printing to achieve cost effective brand protection, those accessing the Prism range of tear tapes also unlock the easy opening that is synonymous with Filtrona Tapes.


Prism offers a range of unprinted or flood printed decorative holographic films available from 1.6 mm and Prism Plus utilises the company’s design expertise to combine holographic films with print for maximum brand awareness. 


Prism Ultra uses de-metallised or selectively metallised holographic effects to deliver a customised on pack solution, whilst, Prism Unique takes things to the next level by offering bespoke hologram designs and features for maximum security and brand protection.


Market development manager Sarah Rutland said, ‘For a long time, Supastrip has proven its superior quality in the marketplace, but often its potential to be an excellent carrier for enhanced decorative and security solutions, has been overlooked. 


‘In the regular discussions we have with our customers, the ability to add striking design features through holography, adding to the ability of brands to stand out, while maintaining all of the easy opening benefits of Supastrip, has had a compound effect, where its value and versatility is difficult to ignore.


‘Essentially, we have a range of high impact holographic tapes that can be customised in a variety of ways, including building in security and brand protection, without the need for costly design changes to the primary packaging itself. If you change the tape and not the pack, holography becomes commercially acceptable without compromising on functionality or aethetics.’


The hologram design trend is a force to be reckoned with right now. As brands look for value adding packaging solutions that offer increased differentiation, Prism creates a high impact in crowded marketplaces, combining holographic visuals with distinctive packaging that cannot easily be replicated.


Supastrip Prism, like its Supastrip and Supastrip PCR counterparts, can be applied to a range of products that use plastic or paper as the primary packaging across a wide range of FMCG applications, from pet food to personal care or food to go to frozen categories. Designed to tear through various flexible packaging types, providing quick and easy access to the product, pairing the Prism range with an application system and support.



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