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hubergroup launches new LED-UV inks for newspaper presses

Print Solutions

Declining print runs are prompting more and more newspaper printers to look for alternative print jobs. In response to this market trend, hubergroup Print Solutions has now developed an LED-UV ink series specifically for printing on rotary presses. The ink series NewV news UNL4000 does not only convince with fast curing and high gloss, but also with very good deinking results.

Newspaper printers are thus given the opportunity to expand their range to high quality semi-commercials.

In developing the LED-UV inks for web offset printing, hubergroup cooperated with CH Media Print, press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer and UV supplier IST Metz.

Jeanette Kupfer, formulation technician at hubergroup, reported: ‘The initiative for the project came from CH Media Print, as the company wanted to offer its customers even higher quality products. For us, printing LED-UV products on a Koenig & Bauer web offset press was new territory, but we knew: with our expertise in UV inks and newspaper printing, we are exactly the right people for this project. Thanks to the close, trusting cooperation and the pertinent experience of all project participants, we quickly achieved very good print results on the Commander CT from Koenig & Bauer.’

Within the project, the participants focused on two aspects from the very beginning: high print quality and good recyclability. As a result, the NewV news series does not only have a sharp image quality and intense, bright colours, but also proves itself with a very good deinkability on coated paper.

The deinkability was evaluated by the PMV department of the Technical University of Darmstadt according to Ingede method 11.

Newspaper printers who want to expand their range can use the ink series for printing brochures and benefit from the fast curing of the inks. The NewV news series can be used on systems with bottom and top ink blades.


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