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hubergroup presents a system solution for faster offset printing

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How can we print faster? This question plays an important role in pressrooms. Press speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour are now possible in packaging and commercial printing, but they often lead to a critical ink-water balance. At the same time, job volumes are getting smaller and smaller, so a stable production with fast control response is important. To meet these changing market requirements, hubergroup Print Solutions is now launching Perfect-Dry-Fix, a fountain solution additive that is suitable for both conventional and UV offset printing. Perfect-Dry-Fix enables smooth operation and high quality even at high printing speeds. In addition, the new fountain solution additive is optimally matched to the already established Eco-Perfect-Dry ink series, which hubergroup has also developed specifically for fast printing.

‘In offset printing, the symbiosis of fountain solution and ink plays an important role. It is crucial for a high quality print image,’ explained Frédéric Kocher, head of product development fountain solution at hubergroup. ‘Fountain solution additives regulate and stabilise the ink-water balance. At high printing speeds, however, conventional fountain solution additives do not manage to maintain this balance.’

With this in mind, the company developed Perfect-Dry-Fix. The new fountain solution additive is specially designed for fast printing. Even at high press speeds, it, therefore, ensures fast control behaviour, good wetting of the non image area, fast plate free running, and very stable production printing behaviour. In addition, Perfect-Dry-Fix supports fast drying and thus rapid finishing of packaging, magazines or commercial jobs. To reduce the workload of printers, hubergroup also made sure that the fountain solution additive ensures a clean fountain solution circuit and reduces the amount of maintenance required for printing presses.

Printers also benefit from the fact that hubergroup produces both fountain solution additives and printing inks. This means that the company has extensive knowledge in both product categories and can coordinate the products to ensure a smooth printing process. Frédéric Kocher explained, ‘When developing Perfect-Dry-Fix, it was important to us that the fountain solution additive is an optimal complement to our Eco-Perfect-Dry ink series. Both products promote a fast printing process and are characterised by a sustainable formulation – they are therefore an ideal match. In combination, they ensure a particularly high quality print image and harmonious production with little effort.’

Picture courtesy: Timo Lutz Werbefotografie.


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