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Humidification from CyanX offers benefits for production environments

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CyanX offers humidification solutions from leading supplier Ikeuchi Europe BV.


Ikeuchi is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality spray nozzles and humidification systems that are suitable for various industries, specifically in manufacturing. The company has developed innovative, high precision products for over 60 years in markets ranging from printing to automative, from electronics to pollutions control.


Many materials can be negatively impacted by not having the right humidification solution. Materials such as paper, packaging boards, even plastics can distort, not work well – and cause damage to machinery, build up static, or even become unusable if the humidity is not right. Any product that is sensitive to moisture changes benefits from getting your humidification right.


Ikeuchi’s Dry Fog humidification system helps to prevent product defects or work environment problems caused by low humidity or static charges. Dry Fog humidification can be used as a non wetting solution. It can maintain optimal humidity levels for large areas or provide spot humidification for small areas, specific processes, or a machine. The running costs of these systems are one-fifth of a like for like steam humidification system, resulting in dramatic energy savings.


Humidity control can also contribute to a better working environment for employees. Maintaining an optimal humidity level helps create a more healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

For more information, please contact CyanX on 033 33 21 85 21, e-mail or see


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