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Inkbit and Makelab collaborate to broaden access to vision controlled jetting technology

Industrial Solutions

Inkbit, a pioneer in advanced additive manufacturing solutions, has announced a collaboration with Makelab, a leader in on-demand 3D printing services. This collaboration not only accelerates time to market but also facilitates flexible hardware development and broader access to Inkbit’s vision controlled jetting (VCJ) technology, empowering a wider range of manufacturers and designers.

‘Collaborating with Makelab was a logical progression in our dedication to offering customers an expedited route to the future of product development,’ said Davide Marini, co-founder and CEO of Inkbit. ‘Working with Makelab allows us to harness their expertise in on-demand 3D printing and pair it with the Inkbit VCJ technology, creating new avenues for functional prototyping and streamlining the transition from design to production.’

The collaboration expands the accessibility of VCJ to companies eager to experiment with this new technology and materials in their prototyping processes such as consumer packaged goods, hardware, and industrial design firms seeking precise and advanced materials for functional and advanced prototyping.

VCJ technology has introduced new materials, Vulcan Soft Elastomer and Titan Tough Epoxy (also referred to as ‘Soft Elastic’ and ‘Tough Epoxy’ at Makelab), improving the ability to produce intricate and finely detailed 3D printed parts. Several emerging applications include precision components, liquid holding seals, and specialised gaskets.

‘The Inkbit Vista system integrates cutting edge precision and material versatility, enabling us to educate and transition our existing customers onto a more advanced platform and a new era of prototyping possibilities,’ commented Christina Perla, co-founder and CEO of Makelab. ‘Our partnership sets the stage for a new wave of agile hardware development and promises to further evolve the additive manufacturing landscape.’


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