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Innovative bubble paper lands top award at Packaging Innovations & Empack

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Leipa UK Ltd and Papair's sustainable void fill solution, PapairWrap, has

scooped the Innovation Gallery Award at Packaging Innovations & Empack 2024.


A bubble wrap made from 100% paper, PapairWrap, is a synthetic and adhesive free bubble wrap which promises to protect both products and the environment.


Sarah Lesting, managing director at Leipa UK, said: ‘We are thrilled that the Papair product was given the recognition it deserves at this year's Packaging Innovations & Empack show. Whilst I have followed this fantastic start up for some time, it has only been available in the UK since December, so it is exciting to have so much interest here in the UK market.’


Christopher Feist, CEO and co-founder, Papair: ‘Our vision is a world without unnecessary plastic waste. We are convinced that our paper bubble wrap can significantly contribute to this. We started production in August 2023, and thanks to Leipa's support, we are already available in the UK market. That alone was an incredible success for us. The fact that PapairWrap has become Innovations Gallery winner in Birmingham is incredible and confirms that we are on the right track.’


Paul Jenkins from ThePackHub, Jude Allan, chair of the IOM3 Packaging Group, and Margaret Bates, executive director of OPRL, assessed dozens of entries before the final ten were selected, and over 6900 visitors were allowed to cast their vote at a dedicated area of the exhibition.


‘It was a privilege to once again be a member of the judging panel for the Innovation Gallery at this year's Packaging Innovations show,’ said Paul Jenkins. ‘I had the privilege of witnessing first hand all the new developments and it was a difficult task to cut our final choice down to just 10 stand out initiatives. It was an exhibition brimming with creativity, sustainability, and some great technological advancements, reflecting the packaging industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability.


‘Among the standout innovations in the Gallery, Papair's paper based bubble wrap was a worthy winner. As a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap, Papair is cleverly exploiting the growing paperisation packaging trend. I am already looking forward to seeing what entries we might get for next year!’


Whether it is safer shipping through individual protection during the internal material flow or saving volume and simplifying the packaging process, the innovative bubble paper satisfies customer demand for a sustainable shipping option and a positive unboxing experience. 


Papair was founded in 2022 to avoid plastic waste and combine safety, cost efficiency, and sustainability in a single packaging solution.




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